Window Vertigal

Window "Vertigal" thinks instead of you!

Glazing of balconies and terraces without disturbing glass! Despite the glazing you can fully enjoy the openness of space and in one moment a balcony or terrace can be changed into a winter garden. The installation of sensor system achieves complete independence from harmful exterior agents.

Balconies and terraces are being glazed more and more often due to requirement for additional living space. This way we are deprived of pleasures which this outer part of the world offers to us, such as the magic of sitting under the clear sky, sunbathing on a completely open terrace, drinking coffee on a summer morning.

The advantage of the new way of glazing is that the window wing vertically moves into the bottom part of the construction and does not represent a spatial intrusion for the narrow balcony, and also there is no disturbing glass such as usually with the horizontal sliding system of glazing.

Window wing is opened or closed with a remote control, and the extended version has included sensors which independently open or close the window wings through automatic control and electro motor, considering the rain, wind and temperatures. This way you can leave home without fear that a summer storm or wind will ruin everything you have on the terrace.

Glazing with new Vertigal system at the same times offers a glazed winter garden and the enjoyment on open terrace or balcony, which largely intensifies the living comfort of users.

If requested, various shades can be added to the system, for example roller blinds, venetian blinds or mosquito blinds or a combination of the above, which are also handled with remote controller or function independently  with the help of sensors in consideration of exterior agents.

Considering that the system with vertical opening of windows works completely by itself, it is very suitable for safety of children, elderly and disabled persons.

Technical characteristics:

  • Window is suitable for balconies and terraces
  • In summer the open window presents a normal balcony.
  • In winter the balcony can be used as a winter garden.
  • Opened or closed with a remote control.
  • The entire window wing moves into the bottom part of the construction.
  • Field of sight is not reduced.
  • Air flow is not limited.
  • Window exists in basic, completed and automatic version.
  • Option - Window is can equipped with sensors, which automatically close the window in the  case of rain and wind.
  • Option - outdoor sensor of movement - for protection against burglars.
  • Option - inside sensor of movement - to protect small children against fall over
  • System is also very suitable for old people and disabled persons.
  • Complete protection from rain and wind.
  • Length is from 0,7 to 3m. Options - larger sizes of  windows
  • ALU profiles exist in all basic colors.
  • The glass part is made of thermopane and optionally filled with protective gas.
  • The filling of the bottom part of the construction can be light transparent or
  • in the color of the building facade. Option- toughened or laminated glass
  • Option - for heated balconies - heat bridge in the profile creates a thermal barrier which prevents the transfer of heat from outside to inside and vice versa.

Ways of opening and  closing:

  • Button (up-stop-down)
  • Remote control
  • Automatic - sensor for wind and rain and sensor of movement


Vertigal window is completely new to the global market and is the only automatic vertical glazing of balconies and terraces.


The Gold medal at the world's most recognized innovations fair in Switzerland (Geneva, 2012), The Gold medal in Croatia (Zagreb 2012) a The Gold medal in Ukraine (Sevastopol 2012), The  Bronze medal at the biggest fair of innovation in the world – in China (Kunshan 2012).


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There are not disturbing glass wings
The airy opening is completely wide opened


Open balcony, in the next moment can be turned to a closed winter garden
Opening and closing with a remote control or automatically Read more...


Protection against burglary and fall from balcony